Ken Mosier

It is with our deepest sorrow to inform you of the untimely death of Ken Mosier on March 2, 2018. We have lost a dear friend, valued colleague, others relied and sought out his advice and assistance. He was the Company "Go To Guy". Each of us not only grieves at his passing but also for the loss his family suffers. He will truly be missed and remembered.

Erie Aviation, Inc. (EAI) is a manufacturer, distributor and repair station serving the aviation industry in North, Central, and South America. We are the authorized representative for several European suppliers to Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Fairchild-Dornier, Embraer, Bombardier, Fokker, Saab, and Jetstream. We are certificated by the FAA (Part 21 Manufacturer and 145 Repair Station BBZR 377C) and handle both commercial and warranty repairs. Our customers are the commercial airlines, corporate aviation, and also general aviation.

We carry AOG stock for our suppliers - companies include Franke Aquarotter GmbH, Airbus DS (Defense and Space Airborne Solutions GmbH)(formerly Rheinmetall Defense), ASG Luftfahrttechnik, Becker Flugfunkwerk and Becker Avionics, Diehl Aerospace, Hydac Technology GmbH, Holmberg GmbH (Holmco), Wärtsilä Corporation/EUROATLAS, Madelec Aero, Sirio Panel SpA, Vision Systems Aeronautics (formerly RBE Appariellage), and CFT B/E UK Ltd.

Their products include ASPSU and EPSU power supplies, cabin lighting systems, roller blinds, roller shades and sun visors, cockpit panels, avionics, audio systems, transceivers, transponders, static converters and inverters, search and rescue products, aviation water faucets, railway water faucets, handsets, headsets, hydraulic hand pumps, microphones, galley equipment, cargo conversion and loading systems, ice detection systems, air duct heaters, helicopter products, etc..

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Part 21 EAI Manufactured Products
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LED Light Bulbs
LED Reading Light Bulbs
First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit
Franke Faucet Element Replacement
Franke Faucet
Element Replacement
Faucet Retrofit
Faucet Retrofit

Faucet Repair Process
Faucet Repair Process


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