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Green Sky Textiles, Inc.

Green Sky Textiles, Inc is a sister-company to Erie Aviation set up to produce and sell the very light weight aircraft carpeting based on the technology developed by Green Sky Europe. We are located next to each other at the airport in Erie, PA, so you may recognize some of the names you have worked with at Erie Aviation in the past.

Green Sky Textiles, Inc. is equipped with the best technology available for producing these very light weight aviation carpets – carpets that can save the airlines a lot of money on fuel and typically have a pay-back period of 3-5 months.

Take a look at their website – www.greenskytextiles.com for more information on how this carpet can save fuel, make your cabin look great and allow you to put your new destinations or even advertisements on the aisle carpet.

To learn more about the carpet offered by Green Sky Textiles, Inc.:

Give us a call at 1-814-838-8934 or send us a message - we'll be very pleased to assist.