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Franke Aquarotter GmbH

Founded in 1873, this company is a leading supplier of water management systems.

They deal with water as what it is: a precious resource. They do this on the ground in such areas as building water management systems, drinking water disinfection and industrial and scientific laboratories. They also do it where we have a particular interest – in the air. Their distinctly designed water faucets can be found on today's leading airlines, and we are pround to represent them in North and Central America.

AQUAROTTER is part of the Franke Group of Companies, a global market leader for stainless steel kitchen systems, food service systems, and much more.

You can learn more about them at their web site: www.franke-aviation-systems.com. They are based in Ludwigsfelde, just outside of Berlin, and their Mobile Systems Division also produces faucets for rail and marine applications.

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Part # Part Description Manufacturer Name
2980032100100 MIXING TIMER ASSY Franke Aquarotter, GmbH
2980032100200 WATER OUTLET ASSY. Franke Aquarotter, GmbH
2980052100200 WATER OUTLET ASSY Franke Aquarotter, GmbH
2980132100000 WATER FAUCET Franke Aquarotter, GmbH
2980132100100 MIXING TIMER MATTE CHROME FINISH Franke Aquarotter, GmbH
2980152100100 MIXING TIMER ASSY. POLISHED CHROME Franke Aquarotter, GmbH
2980192100000 FAUCET ASSY. Franke Aquarotter, GmbH
2980292100000 FAUCET ASSY Franke Aquarotter, GmbH
2980292100300 HOSE SYSTEM Franke Aquarotter, GmbH