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ASG Luftfahrttechnick und Sensorik GmbH

ASG's own history in the German city of Weinheim goes back to 1959, but its roots are in the old aviation company Junkers. First known as IFM, the company started out repairing military aircraft components and systems. Within a few years, IFM was approved to work on civilian aircraft and then became part of the design, engineering and production cycle for new aircraft components. The major industrial firm AEG was the primary shareholder for many years – the name ASG stood for AEG Sensorsysteme GmbH – since 2002 ASG is an independent privately owned company.

We work with ASG on some of their civilian aviation products, specifically valves and actuators used on the engines of Dornier 328 turbo aircraft, and hand pumps used to open the cargo doors on the Airbus A320-family.

Two other business fields for ASG are industrial sensing
(optoelectronics and security devices) and OEM-specific sensing devices (speed, pressure, torque, etc.). To learn more about the company, their products and their capabilities from design through manufacturing, visit their website.

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