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Attitude Monitors

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No doubt it could be a useful tool when dealing with people, but the "Attitude" we refer to is the position of an aircraft sitting on the tarmac. Is it "level" or leaning in one direction or another? That's important to know when reading the dripsticks, the external fuel gauges, to determine if the aircraft has been fueled properly. The attitude monitor sits in one of the wheel wells. It looks like an advanced carpenter's level, with a large sight glass divided into a grid of squares.

It is filled with fluorescein liquid that's a bright yellow, and there is a nitrogen gas bubble floating around in it. The fueling crew determines where in the grid the bubble is located and can then use tables to convert the apparent readings of the fuel tank dripsticks to real fuel levels. The sole manufacturer of this device is Taunton Aerospace, LTD in the UK, and it is in use on Airbus single-aisle (A318/319/320/321) and long-range (A330/340) aircraft as well as on the Concorde and on Fokker and BAe 146 aircraft. The typical part number is DR3174 or DR31740000GA.

The attitude monitor MUST be repaired according to their CMM’s issue 7, which requires that a nitrogen gas chamber be used to fill it with fluorescein, and to insert the nitrogen gas bubble. That can only be done at the Taunton facility in the UK or at Erie Aviation, which offers new units and a full warranty and repair service. All repair batches have a sample unit used for destructive testing with UV rays to ensure the longest possible life.

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