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The TP3100 tape player from Becker has been a workhorse. Primarily installed in ATRs, the units were both reliable and simple to operate, but they are probably also getting a little long in the tooth.

In comes a great replacement! It's the DP4100, also from Becker – a totally digital player for routine announcements and boarding music.
  • All announcements and music are stored in MP3 format
  • Standard PCMCIA ATA flash memory cards are used
  • It is virtually maintenance-free
  • Menus are displayed on the backlit LCD panel & it's very easy to operate
  • Up to 2 hours of recorded material
  • Audio settings (volume, bass, treble, etc.) can be stored on the card
  • Flip down the display for access to the data card, which is easily changed

One of the nice features of this system is that announcements can be stored in several languages that are easily selected for playback. The DP4100 fits perfectly in the TP3100 slot, but mounting brackets, etc. can be provided for new installations.Got questions? Give us a call at 1-814-838-8934 or send us an e-mail, please!