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Aviation First-Aid Kits


Innovint’s Aviation First-Aid Kits . . .
Commercial aircraft are required to carry various medical equipment on board to handle in-flight emergencies. The FAA regulations stipulate that all commercial

Pictured above: Innovint’s First-Aid Kit
and the mounting bracket.
passenger aircraft need to have at least one First Aid Kit with bandages, antiseptic swabs, adhesive tape, arm and leg splints, scissors and ammonia inhalants. An aircraft required to have a flight attendant also needs to carry an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and an Emergency Medical Kit (or Doctor's Kit) that are to be used by properly trained personnel only.

The defibrillator could be part of the first aid kit, but it probably makes more sense to handle it as a separate item for shelf life and maintenance reasons.

The EMK must contain a blood pressure meter, a stethoscope, resuscitation devices, an IV kit, syringes, needles, protective gloves and certain medications such as antihistamines, epinephrine, lidocaine, atropine and nitroglycerin, a bronchodilator, etc.

The FAA anticipates a shelf-life of no more than a year for the EMK because the drugs expire.

Innovint Aircraft Interior GmbH has been a long-time supplier of First Aid and Medical kits in Europe with Airbus as their primary customer. Rather than just attempt to meet minimum standards, Innovint has asked: "What would be the most useful configuration of such kits?" They have also taken into account the difficult conditions for performing practically any medical procedure onboard an aircraft in flight.

  • To start with, the sturdy boxes are made of metal so they can properly protect the contents,
  • The kits are mounted in brackets in overhead bins or other suitable locations so they don't get misplaced, and
  • Most important, the contents are clearly laid out and go beyond the minimum to ensure broad applicability and usefulness.

Several of their kits are now available through Erie Aviation with US pharmaceuticals, so that they not only meet the aviation standards, but also FDA regulations. With Innovint's kits on board, airlines know they have provided the very best in case a medical emergency should occur.

This is Innovint’s EMK 6240-28
with U.S. pharmaceuticals.

Emergency First-Aid Kits
The most frequently used EMK from Innovint - P/N 6240-28 - comes in a fabricated aluminum box and is approved by Airbus for use across their fleet. It is also approved by the German aviation authority LBA and complies with JAR-OPS 1.755 and FAR-121 Subpart X Appendix A. It measures approximately 22x12x5 inches as weighs just under 14 lbs. It is complete, comprehensive and the right tool for trained personnel working under difficult circumstances. In its US version it contains FDA approved drugs supplied from a US pharmacy.

First-Aid Kits
Two of Innovint's First-Aid Kits have been equipped with US over-the-counter drugs.

P/N 6240-45 is a very comprehensive kit that includes OTC drugs, bandages and equipment to handle discomfort and minor injuries. It is approved for fleet-wide use by both Airbus and Boeing and comes in a light-weight (under 8 lbs) metal box measuring about 21x8x5 inches. A mounting bracket - tested 9g in all directions - allows flexible and secure installation in an overhead bin or other suitable location within the cabin.

P/N 6240-37 is a smaller, lighter kit that meets the minimum requirements of JAR-OPS , but exceeds the FAR-121 requirements by including OTC drugs such as antacids, aspirin, acetaminophen, travel sickness and diarrhea tablets and a nasal decongestant. Several types of bandages, burn compresses and a pocket mask for resuscitation are also included. The dimensions are about 11x12x5 inches. A mounting bracket - tested 9g in all directions - allows flexible and secure installation in an overhead bin or other suitable location within the cabin.

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