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Aviation Baby Bassinet


Innovint’s Aviation Baby Bassinet . . .
If you have ever had a long flight with a small baby, you know how wonderful this product is, and fortunately, most airlines offer it as a service to their customers. Quite simply it is a baby bed that attaches to a bulkhead or a lavatory or galley wall right in front of the parent's seat.

Innovint Aircraft Interior is the leading supplier of aviation Baby Bassinets with more than 10,000 of them in service with more than 80 airlines. Their 7250-series Baby Bassinet consists of an aluminum frame, a basket made of vinyl or fabric and a nicely padded mattress with a stiff, aluminum honeycomb core. It takes only seconds to attach it to the wall with two quick-release pip pins. It comes down just as easily and folds up for storage in a stowage or an overhead bin.

A wide flap across the top can be closed to keep the baby in place, but like all such products, its safe use requires an aware adult to keep an eye on things. When used right it gives baby a safe and comfortable place to sleep, it takes a lot of stress off the adult traveling with the child, and it probably makes for a nicer flight for those seated nearby as well. A sleeping baby does not cry.

A handy carrying/storage case can be supplied, typically in the same vinyl or fabric that's used in the baby bassinet itself.

Innovint also supplies the mounting fittings for new aircraft or for retrofit installation in various wall thicknesses.

We'll be more than pleased to help with your airline's requirements, so please contact us here or give us a call at 1-814-838-8934.