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Battery Management Tools

The NiCd batteries in your Diehl power supplies must be in good shape to avoid flight delays, but they are also an investment that must be managed well to ensure maximum life. We are, therefore, very happy to offer you two great tools that will help you with both objectives:

  • The C7400 ER Battery Analyzer from Cadex Electronics, Inc. that is now approved for use with the key batteries from Diehl. Quickly reconditioning 4 batteries at a time will help you ensure that you always have serviceable Diehl batteries available. It will also print labels and reports, service a very broad range of other batteries and, when connected to a PC running Cadex's proprietary BatteryShopTM software, help you manage all your batteries for optimum performance and least cost.

If you need more information than these two links can provide, please call us at 1-814-838-8934 or send us an email – we'll be happy to help you find the right solution for your operation.

If you would like an informal guide to handling the Diehl batteries, please view this Adobe PDF document: "A Guide to Battery Management".