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Cadex Battery Analyzer

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Cadex Electronics, Inc. of Canada has become the leading supplier of battery analyzers for some very good reasons: they work as advertised, and they can save you a bundle on replacement batteries.

The Cadex Analyzer is exclusively available for aviation batteries from Erie Aviation and from Diehl.

This is what you need:
  • The C7400 ER Analyzer – one or more units, each with 4 independent charging bays.

Up to four each of the appropriate adapters for each analyzer:

  for 3117-01 Battery
  for 3214-30 / 3214-31 – the most commonly used type
  for 3301-31 Battery
  • BatteryShop 1 Software. The Analyzer will run without it, but the software gives you great battery management capabilities and can operate up to 128 Analyzers connected to a single PC.

CadexBatteryAnalyzer.jpg The Analyzer comes with built-in programs tailored to the requirements of the Diehl batteries and it is quite simple to operate. These are the programs used for the Diehl batteries:

AUTO – This is the standard program: it charges the battery, does a capacity test by discharging it and, if the battery passes the test, it will charge it again and signal that it has passed. If the battery fails the test, it will do a deep discharge, then charge it again. If the battery fails the subsequent cap test, a red light comes on and the battery should be discarded. If it passes, the analyzer will charge it back up to capacity.

CHARGE – Just quickly charges the battery without doing a capacity test. Use it to recharge batteries kept in cold storage.

PRIME – use it to activate a new battery. It will charge the battery 3 times – with discharges in-between – to make sure it reaches its optimum capacity.

ExtPrime – This is used to prime a battery that has been stored without a charge for a long time and entails a slow (trickle) charge for 16 hours. It then it goes into the PRIME program.

BOOST – is a very quick program (3 minutes) used to give enough charge to a dead battery so the Analyzer can recognize it and put it through other programs.

All passed batteries are held with a trickle charge until they are removed from the Analyzer.

You can probably see the productivity gains for your operation, but here is a truly great bonus: the Cadex C7400ER will analyze/charge virtually any rechargeable battery: Lithium-Ion, Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH), Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) or lead-acid. There are adapters available for a very broad range of commonly used batteries, but there are also universal adapters available that you can program yourself. So if you run other equipment with rechargeable batteries, this great tool can not only keep them operational, but also significantly extend their batteries' life.

Need more information? Download our "Battery Management Guide", send us an email or give us a call at 1-814-838-8934. We know we can help.