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Green Aircraft Carpets

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As an airline operator, would you be interested in a carpet that not only will save you money when you buy it, but will also take a bite out of your fuel bill and greenhouse gas emissions? What if it also makes it possible to actually make money from it? If you're intrigued, let us introduce you to Green Sky Textiles, Inc aviation carpet . . .

This is the magic flying carpet, but there is no mystery to how it works:

  • Made of two layers of PET fiber. The back provides cushioning, the top provides the great carpet look that YOU select for your cabin
  • It weighs less than half of conventional aviation carpets
  • That translates into very significant fuel savings
  • Whatever colors you choose, this carpet is "green".
    • Every pound of fuel saved means 3 pounds of CO2 NOT generated - even for the smallest airlines, that's millions of pounds a year
    • The used carpet can be recycled.
    • The production process is environmentally sound
  • It costs much less than conventional carpet and is easier and cheaper to install, yet it easily meets the same aviation flammability standards.

So the savings are clear, but how do you make money from the carpet?
Airlines have started to see their aircraft surfaces as a potential advertising medium. There are Airbus-approved picture frames that can hold posters on bulkheads and other flat walls. You can put ads on the overhead bin doors and you can advertise on the backs of the folding tray tables - so why not advertise on the aisle carpet?

The production process for the Green Sky carpet gives you great new freedom to make it look exactly the way you want it. It can look like conventional carpet, but you can also include your own logo – or an advertiser's logo or message or images – without contracting for large runs of carpet.

EAI Carpet Sample

You can handle the carpet pretty much as any other advertising medium and change it every 6 weeks to coincide with other campaigns (the carpet will last much longer, of course). The advertiser pays for the carpet and the space, so not only do you make money, you also eliminate the normal expense of buying aisle carpet.

These carpets are flying on commercial aircraft in the US and Europe today, so why wait? Let us show you how – at the very least – you can cut your carpeting and fuel costs. Then you can explore if advertising on the carpets is for you or not.

Please give us a call at 1-814-838-8934 or send us a message - we think we can lower your costs substantially.