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SkyKids® Child Restraint System


Why don't we use a child seat when traveling by commercial aircraft with a small child? It's such an obvious thing to do when riding in a car, but in an aircraft the baby usually ends up on a parent's lap or in a seat designed for adults.

Just as even near-accidents can injure a child who's not properly strapped into an approved car seat, events we grown-ups hardly register in an aircraft can do the same thing: turbulence and even a sudden stop while the aircraft taxies.

Fortunately, we can now do something about it.


Innovint Aircraft Interior has introduced the first fully approved child seat for use in commercial aircraft. It is called the SkyKids® Child Seat and it really is a system: one in-flight child seat can be used for babies in a rear-facing position or for toddlers facing forwards. It mounts in a regular-width passenger seat using only the passenger-seat lap-belt, yet it provides a full 5-point harness for the child. It is simple and quick to install and folds away for easy storage when not in use.

"Fully approved" in this case means that the seat is approved by the German Aviation Authority (LBA) according to National Technical Standard LBA-NTS-1, which corresponds to the SAE Aerospace Standard AS5276/1 and FAA TSO-C100b. Dynamic testing (16g) has been performed to JAR/FAR 25.562 and the SAE Aerospace Standard AS8049 Rev. A. They clearly meet the Part 121.311 requirements.

Airbus approved the SkyKids® Child Seat for all Airbus models, and it is available as Seller - or Buyer-Furnished Equipment (SFE/BFE) for new aircraft orders. For existing aircraft one should check the aircraft seating layout to find the best locations for the SkyKids seat.

Our FAA regulations for determining optimum locations for a Child Restraint System (CRS) in an aircraft are very general, but Innovint offers a special service also to FAA Part 121 operators: with your cabin layout (LOPA) and your specific seat type, their computer analysis will recommend the best seats in the cabin, then you can test and decide.

The SkyKids® Child Seat can be supplied with easily-cleaned covers, and can also be supplied in an airline's colors and with the airline's seat fabric.

Let's leave you with one thought about making the flight as stress-free as possible for your passengers. It's clear that the child and its parents will have an easier time, so the child will likely be happy - and so will the other passengers. If you've ever spent a long business flight near an unhappy, crying child, while trying to sleep or get ready for tomorrow's meeting, you will want to see the Innovint SkyKids® Child Seat on all your future flights.

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