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Digital Voice System

Becker Avionics - DVCS6100
Digital Voice Communication System

Problem: an emergency situation is on hand and several aircraft need to talk with each other or with units on the ground or at sea, but they operate on different radio frequencies.

Solution: install the state of the art DVCS 6100 Digital Audio Selector and Intercom System from Becker Avionics. It communicates on up to 8 channels at the same time - 8 different frequencies so you can talk with the Coast Guard, Police and Fire Departments, general or commercial aircraft and ships at sea or in the harbor with the same message going out to the recipients you select. It saves time, it keeps all parties on the same page and you can concentrate on the job at hand.

In comes a great replacement! It's the DP4100, also from Becker – a totally digital player for routine announcements and boarding music.

The DVCS 6100 is suitable for both rotary and fixed wing installations and comes with a very broad range of capabilities in a small - and light! - package . It consists of a Remote Electronics Unit (REU) which can have up to six Audio Control Units connected to it from different locations in the aircraft. The connection is done via dual-redundant CAN-bus wiring, which incidentally also saves a lot of weight. The radios are preferably located close to the REU, and again, you can save weight without giving up on quality - take a look at the Becker Avionics AR4201 transceivers.

The connectivity features are very impressive:
  • Up to 8 communication channels
  • Up to 8 navigation channels
  • Up to 6 fixed direct channels
  • Up to 6 pilots/operators /crew
  • Up to 9 pax (via optional IC3100 amplifier, also from Becker Avionics)
  • Up to 2 voice recorders
  • Up to 2 cockpit speakers
  • Up to 8 discrete warnings

The DVCS 6100 is purely digital and uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. It can be configured in the aircraft using a laptop and Becker's configuration software. The digital system also produces very clear sound free of the noise of analog systems.

Becker Avionics has DZUS Mount versions of their avionics products that fit very well into the DVCS system:

  • AR3209 COM (similar to the AR4201 referred to above)
  • NR3320 NAV
  • ATC3401 Transponder

Other Becker products, like the DP4100 Digital Player or the communication handsets in the ST3100-series will also fit nicely into the system.

Download a 4-page brochure on the DVCS 6100 in Adobe .pdf format or for more information give us a call at 814-838-8934 x113 or send us a message.