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Heated Floor Panels


Diehl Aerospace GmbH supplies two types of heated floor panels for Airbus aircraft:
Used on Aircraft:
A300-600 and A310

Used at:
Front Left Door
Front Right Door
Rear Left Door
Rear Right Door

Flight Deck Floor Heating Panels are an option on some Airbus models. They look like the regular metal floor panels where the pilot and copilot place their feet, but attached to the backside of the panels are a heating pad and a control unit that's connected to the aircraft's regular AC power supply.

The control unit has an attached temperature sensor and contains a thermal circuit breaker, a printed circuit board, and the power receptacle. When the aircraft's power is on, the control unit will keep the floor panel at 18-24°C (64-75°C).

We were going to show you a picture, but if you were sitting in the cockpit of an A300, would you be looking at the floor? Me neither. Believe us, they are color coordinated and nothing clashes in the interior design. Just make sure to wipe your feet first!

Heated Panels for Doorsills (pictured below) are used on the Airbus A321. They are mounted on the floor just inside the exit doors and prevent ice from forming by maintaining a temperature of 29-32°C (84-90°F).


They are made of aluminum and have a low-amp heating pad attached underneath. A connector attaches each one to the aircraft's supply of 115VAC and to an external control unit that continuously senses their temperature.

These panels have a very strong service record, but if you have questions about their operation or about maintaining them, please call us at 1-814-838-8934 or send an e-mail. We'll be happy to help.