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We'll satisfy your curiosity right now: we're talking about that telephone-like device used for internal communication and for cabin announcements on aircraft. Actually, they were originally not all that different from old-fashioned Ma Bell telephone handsets - heavy, more or less indestructible and occasionally used as a gavel to get the cabin's attention. "Please remain seated until..."

Even the oldest series of Holmberg handsets currently in use on Airbus - the 750T - is far removed from that. Light, made out of flame-resistant materials, with many configurations of call buttons built right into the handset and excellent sound quality. The current 89-01-series from Holmberg actually encompasses a very broad range of products for use on different aircraft types and at different locations in the aircraft. Again, they are light, very intuitive in their operation and they come in different colors to match the aircraft's interior. RFI and EMI protection is obviously built-in. Handset cradles (support brackets) with hook switches are supplied to match the various handset models.The latest development is the 89-01-17XXX series, which has an illuminated keypad, a great convenience for crew on long-distance flights when the cabin lights are dimmed.

Item #
Used on Aircraft/Location:
A318/319/320/321/330/340 cabin - more than 30 types!
As above, with illuminated keyboard
A318/319/320/321/330/340 cockpit
A300/310 cockpit and cabin
ATR42 and ATR72
Dash 8-Q400
Commuter and corporate

The 89-01-X-18 series is a handset specifically designed to meet the new 16g acceleration standard for commuter aircraft when used with the 98-01-X-18 support bracket. Holmberg Handset

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