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Quite simply, headsets are headphones with a microphone attached, and they are used by pilots for two-way communication, within the aircraft and with the world outside. Obviously, if you are going to wear something on your head and over your ears for hours on end, comfort and technical performance are both very important - the more comfortable, the less tiring. The type of headband, the size of the earpieces and the type of padding, the weight of the unit, and the amount of noise reduction it provides are all important concerns.

Pictured above:
Standard Airbus Headset

Noise reduction can be either active or passive. Passive noise reduction is provided by the padding around the earphones - it can shut out at least a portion of the ambient noise, especially higher frequency noise. Active noise reduction (ANR) is achieved by superimposing a cancellation signal on top of the interfering noise. It is the mirror image of the noise and very effectively cancels it out, especially in lower frequencies. This signal is generated by electronics in the headset. The microphones are typically boom-mounted, usually an electret type, but you'll find electro-dynamic as well, with or without amplifier.

Erie Aviation, Inc. is very pleased to offer headsets from one of Europe's renowned suppliers, Holmberg GmbH & Co. under the Holmco brand, such as:
  • 1046GT 2102XX-series – standard headset, SFE in Airbus aircraf
  • 91-23-XXXXX-07 series – ultra lightweight headset
  • 90-04-XXXXX-10 series – with extra ear protection for high-noise
  • 95-06-XXXXX-06 series – standard headphones
  • 95-23-XXXXX-13 series – lightweight headphones
Lightweight Headset

There are many variations of these products, including the connection to the aircraft's system. If you have questions, please give us a call at 1-814-838-8934 or send us an e-mail. We'll be happy to assist.