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Holmberg GmbH & Co.

Holmberg Elektroakustik

Holmberg GmbH & Co. KG has been in business in Berlin since 1919 and is a world leader in voice transmission systems for noisy environments, including aviation. Their very extensive product line is sold under the HOLMCO trademark and includes transducers, microphones, handsets, headsets and headphones.

Holmberg's products are known for their quality and great functionality, and we are very pleased to serve as their Western Hemisphere repair station and distributor.

Holmberg has ISO 9001 certification. They are also authorized as an aeronautical manufacturer under JAR 21 subpart G and they have JAR-145 maintenance approval.

Visit their web site www.holmco.de for more information about this great company, and click on the links below for more about their products:

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