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Hydraulic Accumulators

HYDACLogo.gif Accumulators are an essential element in modern hydraulic systems. Simply speaking they are small pressure tanks in the hydraulic system with an expandable space for the hydraulic fluid.

  • Reducing the power requirement in the hydraulic system
  • Providing an energy reserve
  • Absorbing pressure surges
  • Minimizing pump pulsations
  • Maintaining constant system pressure

  • Enhanced system performance and efficiency
  • Improved operation
  • Longer life and greater reliability
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
(Pictured Above) HYDAC Technology’s
Hydraulic Accumulator SB209L1A1-148
for use on Airbus single-aisle aircraft.
(Pictured Above) A HYDAC Hydraulic Accumulator
being tested at Erie Aviation. We provide the
only factory-authorized service in the Americas.

On the Airbus single aisle family of aircraft (A318-321), there are three hydraulic accumulators, one in each of the red, yellow and green hydraulic systems, and they are made by Hydac Technology GmbH in Germany. These accumulators provide pump back-up and pulsation dampening in the systems.

The design used on the Airbus has a rubber bladder inside the composite reinforced steel shell. On one side of the bladder, open to the hydraulic system, is the Skydrol fluid, and on the other side is pressurized nitrogen.

There are several iterations of the product in service with SB209L1A1-1484 being the current production model. Erie Aviation is proud to offer complete factory service for these Hydraulic Accumulators, and will in the process apply available upgrades. Our test equipment is purpose-built by Hydac and our repair pricing matches the official Airbus price list.

We also offer AOG/critical/expedite availability of complete accumulators and spare parts from our warehouse in Erie, PA.

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