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Hydraulic Hand Pumps


On every single-aisle Airbus (A318-A321) there are two hydraulic hand pumps made by ASG. Normally an electrical pump operates the forward and aft cargo doors, but if there is no electrical power or if that pump fails, these ASG pumps provide the backup.

More precisely, one pump provides the backup. It is used to manually charge the "Yellow" hydraulic system that operates thesedoors. The other is used to manually fill the reservoirs of three hydraulic systems: Yellow, Green and Blue.The pumps are installed in the un-pressurized belly fairing of the aircraft, one on each side just behind the main landing gear, so obviously they are only used when the aircraft is on the ground. Each pump comes with a long operating handle.

These pumps have proven very reliable, but just in case, Erie Aviation, Inc. has factory-trained technicians, and is set up with complete repair facilities including a dedicated test rig for them. Whatever the problem, we can have a pump quickly repaired and recertified for you. We also stock complete pumps, all the necessary repair parts and the handles right here, so we've got you covered...

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