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Ice Protection Systems

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Ice Protection Control Unit
Heated Fill & Drain Nipple
Slide Attachment Fitting


These specific systems are manufactured by ESW GmbH in Germany for use on the long range types of Airbus aircraft. Their purpose is to prevent ice from forming in the water systems on the aircraft and on some interior components that get exposed to very low temperatures during flight, like rescue slide attachment fittings.

The core of the system is the IPCU - Ice Protection Control Unit - which is an electronic control box that looks after up to 32 different components that could freeze, and controls heaters on these components. That could be the aircraft water tanks, fill-points (nipples) for potable and lavatory water supplies and also the drainmast, which empties the waste water tanks. Valves in the water systems are also protected. Similarly exposed are the rescue slide attachment fittings, so they are equipped with electrical heating elements.

Other components controlled by the IPCU are heated floor panels, which are typically found just inside service and exit doors and in galley areas. These spots can get very cold during boarding, and the heated floor panels will prevent passengers and service personnel from getting cold feet or slipping on a frozen surface.

ESW also provides heated nipples, the heated rescue slide attachment fittings, and other heated components. The ESW Ice Protection Systems are installed as standard equipment on the long range A330-A340 and will also be found on the new A380.

Air Duct Heaters
Air Duct Heater
Air Duct Heater

Mounted in the ventilation air ducts on the lower deck, these heaters keep bulk cargo areas at the right temperature. The heater unit contains a 6kW electric heating element with 3-phase connection to the aircraft's standard 115V/400Hz power. The units are self-regulating, very efficient in their heat transfer and also maintenance free.

To keep the heater's surface temperature at a reasonable level, part of the incoming air is used to cool the heater walls. The operation is controlled by the aircraft's ventilation control unit.

The ESW Air Duct Heater is installed on the long range Airbus A340 models as standard equipment and will also be in the new A380.

Note to Buyers:
In cooperation with asscom, Erie Aviation today stocks the ice protection components and the air heaters for AOG requirements only. Standard leadtime orders for parts and components - and for the time being, also repair orders - need to go to ESW directly.
If you need assistance with that, please send an email or give us a call at 1-814-838-8934.