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Cabin Lighting Systems


DiehlLogo.gifLight is an 'invisible', but critically important element of the aircraft interior. Changing the brightness and the color of the light can change the ambience, and it can also change the mood of people surrounded by the light. In the hands of the interior's designers, the light can be invigorating or relaxing, it can make you feel awake or lull you to sleep - and even project the stars in the skies above you at night.

Fluorescent tubes produce far more light for the energy consumed than regular incandescent bulbs do, and on an aircrafts that means less fuel to consume and to carry. You usually don't see these lights - they are hidden behind molding and project indirect light down the walls and up onto the ceiling of the cabin. The cabin lighting systems by Diehl Aerospace GmbH have been found on aircraft for nearly 30 years, and the newest planes are equipped with their leading edge technology, like the Boeing 777 and the new Airbus A340-500 and A340-600.

Normal cabin lighting is provided by fluorescent tubes that use electronic ballasts to control each individual light. That means the light can be dimmed continuously from full to partial output. Their newest lights include LED's in combination with the fluorescent tubes to provide lights than can be dimmed all the way from 100% to 0% output. New fluorescent fixtures with two tubes instead of one standard tube enable color changes of the lights to change the 'mood' of the cabin:

Orange Mood Lighting
Orange - an emotional stimulant that creates happiness (albeit fleetingly) and makes food look appetizing. No small feat, we're talking airline food here!
Violet Mood Lighting
Violet - enhances creativity and inspiration...
Violet Mood Lighting
Blue - promotes mental relaxation and will help even if you have a hard time falling asleep on an aircraft.

Clusters of LED's are used to provide lighting around mirrors in the bathrooms, a flattering, unobtrusive and very efficient light. This is a relatively new use of LED's - they have traditionally been used for signaling, not for illumination.

Ceiling emergency lights also use LED clusters or LED strips, and you find LED's in the strip lights on the cabin floor that are used to direct passengers to the exits in case of an emergency. All the emergency lighting is powered by Diehl's EPSU's - Emergency Power Supply Units.
LED Lights

LISA is a new Diehl product: Light Interface Standard Adapter, a modular lighting management system that uses an RS485 network to communicate with the light fixtures (also non-Diehl products), a light control panel operated by cabin crew and the CIDS. By using plug-in cards the LISA can be adapted to operate in different environments and configurations, and it can be programmed to blend LED lights and cabin fluorescent lighting for various lighting effects. The LISA also supports different lighting in different cabin zones.

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