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57 Series Microphone

When looking for quality – meaning great performance and durability – in aviation microphones, it may be better to look at longevity of products than at what's new.

Take the 57 Series of microphones (pictured at right) from Holmberg, for instance. Known as "The Legend", it has been in production since 1957 and can be found on early Airbus and on DC-9's and D-10's and a wide variety of other aircraft. It's available in several versions, from standard (40mV/Pa) to high (120mV/Pa) sensitivity and with different plugs. (PNR 85-13-X-01 and -02).

57 ET Microphone

Standard Airbus Cockpit Microphone
A more recent version is the 57 ET (pictured at left), which is a noise-canceling microphone with an electret element. Using the Near/Far Field effect, this microphone is a lot more sensitive to sounds originating close to the microphone – i.e. someone talking into it &ndash that it is to sounds from further away &ndash the ambient noise of the aircraft. That means the mike needs to be held close to the mouth, in the 0-2" range. Noise-canceling microphones are therefore often called Close Talk Microphones. The 57 ET also comes in different sensitivities and with different plugs to meet the specific requirements of the application. (PNR 85-13-X-03).

So is there anything new? An event: Holmberg is now the supplier of the standard cockpit microphone for the A320 family of Airbus aircraft (pictured at right). PNR 85-16-11494-05 is a noise-canceling electret microphone that fits existing cradles and connectors in the single-aisle Airbus cockpit. It has a metal body for added durability, standard sensitivity (40mV/Pa) and comes with circuitry to counter 400 Hz noise problems.

Erie Aviation, Inc. is pleased to offer these microphones, and also complete repair services, including warranty, for these and other Holmberg products. Please give us a call at 1-814-838-8934 or send us an e-mail if you have questions.