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Railway Water Faucet Systems

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Franke Aquarotter GmbH also produces a range of faucets specifically for railway applications. Like their aircraft counterparts, these faucets are highly reliable and are designed to offer the passenger a comfortable and generous water flow while at the same time conserving water.

Opto-Electronic Railway Faucet
The water flow is controlled through an infrared (optical) sensor and the assembly consists of the water outlet, the infrared sensor unit and a hidden electrical control box that operates on 18-32VDC. The control box processes the signal from the infrared sensor, and opens or closes the solenoid (not supplied) that controls the water flow. The water flows as long as the sensor detects an object in the right position - hands underneath the water outlet – but will shut off after 60 seconds. That means water conservation and lower operating costs.

This faucet is designed for water systems with only one – cold – water supply line. It can also be supplied with micro-switch activation instead of the infrared sensor.


The modular design makes it easy to fit this faucet into different lavatory layouts, and the generous cable lengths makes it possible to install the control box in an easily accessible location. The elegant look in matt chrome finish will certainly add class to any railway lavatory or sleeper cabin, and the reliability, long service life and robustness of the system means far fewer customer complaints and lower maintenance costs.

AQUAMIX Railway Faucet
This is a faucet for water systems with both hot and cold water supply. The faucet contains all the controls for a timed supply of water where the mix between hot and cold is controlled by the passenger. Using the faucet is simple: the passenger twists the push-cap in the direction of red (hot) or blue (cold) marks, then pushes on it for water to flow. The duration of the flow is set by the railway operator and is adjustable from 1 to 30 seconds. The water consumption will depend on the system pressure, but should be about 1 liter (1 quart) every 10 seconds of flow. This faucet is an elegant, deck-mount design and offers the utmost in looks and passenger convenience at a very competitive price (P/N 2150 00 23). Click here for a presentation of Franke Aquarotter's aviation water faucets.

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