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Roller Blinds/Shades & Sun Visors


These are not the most excitingly high-tech parts of an aircraft, but they are important for comfort, whether for the flight crew or passengers. EAI stocks a full complement of these products made by Vision Systems Aeronautics (VSA) in France - formerly known as Appareillage RBE. We also offer full repair services including factory warranty.

Roller Blinds (pictured at right) are the window curtains passengers can pull down to keep the sun out of their eyes or to darken the cabin for the feature film. They are opaque and slide in guides on either side of the cabin window. VSA makes them for ATR 42's and 72's and for the Eurocopter Super Puma VIP model.


Roller Shades (pictured at left) are transparent curtains used in the cockpit to reduce the glare of the sun without blocking the view. They work like roller blinds with an encased spring mechanism and something to fasten the extended shade to. The shade typically covers one window and is shaped like the window. VSA's roller shades are made of Kapton®, which reflects 70% of the heat from the sun and also filters out about 80% of the light. Vision Systems Aeronautics supplies roller shades to Boeing (for B-737-700/800/900, B-747-400, B-757-200/300, B-767, B-777, MD-11, and B-717/MD-90), Airbus (all models), ATR 42/72 and several Eurocopter models.


Sun Visors (pictured at right) are also used in the cockpit. They are smaller than the roller shades and work pretty much like the visors in your car, but they are transparent even if they are pretty dark, coated with a special optical varnish. VSA makes them for all the Airbus models, as well as the ATR 42/72 and the military Super Puma 332 Eurocopter.

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