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Sirio Panel SpA

Founded in 1977 near Florence, Italy, Sirio Panel SpA has grown to become an important supplier to the European aviation industry. They have been a part of Marconi Mobile Communications Group since 1991, which has now merged with Finmeccanica, a huge Italian industrial concern.

Sirio Panel's product focus is HMI (human machine interfaces) for civilian and military aircraft – panels, LED displays, NVG compatible lights and displays, etc. – a very impressive list of leading-edge products for a relatively small company.

We are Sirio Panel's distributor and repair station for the Americas looking after their Airbus products – primarily the illuminated panels that surround the displays and operators in the cockpit. We stock the most common panels, so call call at 1-814-838-8934 or e-mail us if you need anything – or if you just have a question.

Sirio Panel has developed cockpit control boxes for 3 of Agusta’s key helicopter models (A109, A119 and AW139), and Erie Aviation now offers factory-authorized repair services for these controls.