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Static Inverters & Frequency Converters

Static inverters are used to produce AC power from DC. The DC power in this case comes from batteries. The AC is produced by using power semiconductors to chop up the DC into something that approximates a sine curve.

EAI is pleased to represent two manufacturers of aviation static inverters - Diehl Aerospace GmbH and Wartsilla/EUROATLAS. The larger Diehl units are used to supply AC power to critical equipment in cases where only battery (DC) power is available.

OEM Catalog No./
Model No.
Input Output Rated Power Weight Used On:
Diehl 4188-00 28VDC 115VAC
at 400 Hz
1000VA 5.3kg Airbus A318, A319, A320 & A321
Diehl 4190-00 28VDC 115VAC
at 400 Hz
2500VA 13.5kg Airbus A330 & A340
EUROATLAS 3010R & 3010S 22VDC to 32VDC 110VAC
at 60 Hz
(3010S also produced 220VAC)
40VA 1.6kg Airbus A300 & A310
Wartsila Euroatlas Logo
Because the AC supply on an aircraft runs at 400 cycles, it is necessary to slow it down so passengers can plug in their razors or other AC devices. The job of changing the 400Hz AC to 60Hz is performed by static frequency converters.

OEM Model No. Input Output Rated Power Weight Used On:
EUROATLAS 3025 & 3026 115VAC at 400Hz 115VAC at 60Hz (3026 also produces 220VAC) 40VA 740g All Airbus except A300 & A310
a “miniature” frequency converter
115VAC at 400Hz 115VAC & 220 VAC
at 60Hz
10VA 83g Used in bathrooms on all Airbus except A300 & A310

The term “static” is used to differentiate these devices from the old way of performing such tasks, before reliable and sufficiently powerful semiconductors came along. Then it meant using various forms of rotating machinery – motors, generators and alternators.

These are all single-phase devices. The EUROATLAS units are relatively inefficient with a power factor of 0.4 to 0.6, but that hardly matters since they are so small.

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