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Becker’s AR4201 VHF-AM-Transceiver

A transceiver is a radio transmitter-receiver combination, and Becker Avionics offer what's possibly the best unit for small aircraft - gliders, motor gliders and small general aviation.

It is even smaller and lighter than it's forerunner - the legendary AR3201. It fits in a round 2-1/4" panel cutout, it's less than 9" deep and weighs less than 1.5 lbs - yet it offers 760 channels, standby and 99 easily programmable frequencies and is certified for use in both VFR and IFR aircraft. Power output is 5-7W carrier (16W PEP).

The large digital display shows the active frequency and either the standby frequency, the memory channel used or the supply voltage. There is also an optional external temperature sensor available which shows on the display.

You can connect two dynamic and two standard microphones to the unit.

The AR4201 is designed for a modular environment and for integration into future Becker Avionics products through its RS-232 interface. All functions can be remotely operated.

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