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On-Board Wheelchair

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Innovint’s On-Board Wheelchair. . .
Is your airline offering full access to the aircraft's facilities to all passengers? Without an on-board wheelchair, the answer is probably "no!". That is the one tool that will help a passenger with mobility problems move from his or her seat to the lavatory or other facilities, something most of us would consider a necessity on any flight and especially on the long ones.

The leading supplier of on-board wheelchairs is Innovint Aircraft Interior, and for a very good reason . . . they make the best product.

  • Strong, sturdy and very durable
  • Light weight
  • It rolls easily and fits in narrow aisles
  • It folds or unfolds with one hand and is stored behind a seat row - Innovint also offers stowages, if needed
  • Fully equipped in its standard version, but options can be added for your airline's operation
  • It already looks good, but can be color-coordinated with your interiors. Your logo can also be added to the frame and the back
  • Approved by Airbus and is the recommended standard
  • in their Cabin Configuration Guide (CFG)
  • Meets Boeing D6-55441 requirements
  • Meets SAE ARP 4120, the standard used in North America
  • Approved by the German Aviation Authority (LBA) under TS 40.400/1TS

The On-board Wheelchairs stays with an aircraft, but can also be used to bring a passenger through the jet way to the aircraft or back to the terminal.

We'll be very pleased to help you with the specs for the chair and any stowages, so please contact us here or give us a call at 1-814-838-8934.