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The short of it is that Erie Aviation is one of the top-performing repair stations in North America, month after month, as measured by Airbus.  Here is what's behind the story:

Our certifications are as a Part-21 Manufacturer and a FAR-145 Repair Station: BBZR 377C.  These are issued and audited by the FAA.

We are also an "EASA-145 Accepted Organization" for maintenance of aircraft and aircraft components carried out in the USA for European-registered aircraft.  This work is completed in accordance with our "EASA Approval Certificate Reference (EASA.145.5898)." We issue FAA Form 8130-3 with our repairs - a dual release with EASA-145 certification upon specific customer request.   

You may download any of the following PDF format files:

The question is:  What can we do that will reduce your maintenance costs?  We have programs available to reduce the turn-around time for repairs or otherwise reduce cost, and they can be adapted to your specific needs.  Please contact us to see what we can do for you!

Our service operation is routinely audited by the FAA and, through them, also the JAA.  Our airline customers audit us on a regular basis, as well.  What do these audits entail?  That our people, our facilities, and our equipment meet or exceed all applicable standards, that we apply the latest maintenance manuals and modifications from our suppliers, and that any ESOs from our customers are applied.  And yes, they also ensure that we follow our own rigourous quality standards every step of the way.  

Behind every repair that leaves EAI is a person.  Someone who is not only well-trained and licensed by the FAA, but also motivated and interested in doing an outstanding job for the customer. 

Our drug and alcohol program no longer carries a separate certificate, but it is included in our Operations Specifications, section A449 "Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program." 

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