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EPSU Power Supplies and Batteries


If the normal supply of power to the cabin should be interrupted, the EPSU made by Diehl Aerospace GmbH - steps in and supplies DC power to:

  • Overhead emergency lights in the cabin
  • Floor emergency path marking lights
  • Exterior emergency lights  

These small units direct the aircraft's normal 28VDC power to the emergency lights, but if that power should also fail, they use their own built-in NiCad batteries to provide power for at least 12 minutes.  The units have enough smarts to learn the environment they are operating in and to signal any problems with the lights or the available power.       


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ELPS (Emergency Light Power Supply) is Swedish for EPSU.  That's what Saab calls them.

The batteries are a critical element in this system.

They are assembled from individual cells with carefully matched characteristics - not just by spec, but also in actual production, cell by cell, battery by battery.  The battery also contains a heating mat to ensure proper performance, and a printed circuit board provides the control connection to the EPSU.  Spare batteries must be charged according to Diehl's specifications and stored in a controlled environment.  The EPSU ensures that its battery is fully charged at all times.

The basic functionality of all EPSUs is the same, but they differ based on the aircraft environments they work in.

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 3121-01/10  3117-01  Airbus A300 B2/B4
 3214-40/41  3214-30/31  Airbus A300-600 and A310
 3124-54/55-X0   3214-30/31  Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321
3214-60/62-X0    3214-30/31  Airbus A330/A340
3121-11   3117-01  Jetstream
 3214-73  3214-30/31  Dornier DO328
 3301-11/51  3301-31  Saab 2000 and Saab 340
 3400-20  3301-31  Global Express

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