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Light is an "invisible" but critically important element of the aircraft interior.  Changing the brightness and the color of the light can change the ambience, and it can also change the mood of people surrounded by the light.  In the hands of the interior's designers, the light can be invigorating or relaxing, it can make you feel awake or lull you to sleep - and even project the stars in the skies above you at night. 

Erie Aviation, Inc. introduced its LED Reading Light Bulb and Cabin Interior Lighting program at the 2014 MRO and RAA shows.

Erie Aviation's approach is a complete "Plug and Play" system, utilizing current fixtures and profiles for the Cabin Interior Lighting.       


LED BulbLED Reading Light Bulb

The Erie Aviation PMA LED Reading Light Bulb is a direct replacement for the existing Halogen bulb. Advantages are realized immediately in cost savings. The EAI LED Reading Light Bulb eliminates the need for replacement of the lenses and bezels due to yellowing and cracking which the lens, alone, cost $50. Converting to the EAI LED bulb will reduce labor cost, reduce heat in the cabin, and increase passenger comfort, as they will not burn their fingers when touching the lens. Our PMA LED Reading Light Bulbs are "Made in the USA - Erie, PA" 

Assembling LED Reading Lights

LED Reading Lights being
assembled at Erie Aviation, Inc.

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Halogen Light Bulb Temp

Halogen Light Bulb Operating Temperature - 685℉

EAI LED Light Bulb Temp

EAI LED Light Bulb Operating Temp (Max) - 114℉


 Interior Lighting 

Much like the LED Reading Light bulb, EAI's approach to the Interior Lighting was to use the current profiles and replace the Ballast and Fluorescent Bulbs with matching LED Drivers and Bulbs.

Cabin View LED installed

Whole Cabin View:
LED installed FWD vs Fluorescent installed AFT

Cabin Sidewall - LED vs Fluorescent

Cabin Sidewall View:
LED (FWD) vs Fluorescent (AFT)

Ballast to LED Driver

Ballast to LED Driver

Fluorescent to LED

EAI LED Tube (pictured left)  Fluorescent Tube (pictured right)

LED Conversions Comparison 
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EAI Manufactured Products

"Proudly Made in the USA - Erie, PA"
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LED Lighting 

LED Bulbs



Adams Rite Faucet Element

Faucet Element

Cockpit Roller Shade

Pilot Cockpit Roller Shade for Airbus  

First Aid

First Aid Kit



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