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Weight and passenger comfort are two mostly conflicting factors in air transporation, and a point where it becomes very obvious is in the lavatory.  Water is heavy, so the less you transport, the better.  Yet, water is an important comfort factor even in the lavatory, and you want your passengers to feel they are getting all they need.  For that reason, the water faucets on board are very different from the ones in your house.  The best ones dispense measured quantities of water, yet make it feel like a lot, without requiring an engineering degree to operate.  


Wall Mount Faucet

EAI Wall Mount Faucet
(available in single and dual temperature)

Erie Aviation, Inc, has several options in the lavatory for faucets, first is our front (wall) mounted application with push cap and satin (matte) chrome surface finish. The EAI PMA lavatory faucet is a hyraulically-controlled metering faucet for warm and/or cold water supply that is "Made in USA - Erie, PA". It includes two models of wall-mounted faucets, single and dual temperature, for pressurized water systems.

They are a direct replacement on most Airbus aircraft, Embraer's E170/190 series of Regional Jets and on Bombardier's CRJ900 Next Generation Jets.

These self-closing, hydraulically-timed faucets meter the amount of water dispensed - usually set for around 10 seconds. Most are used in systems with hot and cold water supply, so they let the passenger choose the desired temperature by turning the activation knob on the front.

Dual Temp Faucet w Bracket

Adams Rite Conversion Bracket with EAI Wall Mount Faucet

We also offer a faucet retrofit program that uses our wall-mounted PMA faucet on a PMA-certified bracket. This bracket installs directly into the current wall cutouts for replacement of Adams Rite faucet's P/Ns: 9810, 9819, and 9834.
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Our conversion bracket installs in minutes! Once it is in place in the lavatory, there is no longer a reason to get under the sink to replace or service the faucet, other than shutting off the water supply. This is due to our bracket assembly making all of the aircraft side connections, for the water and drain. The EAI faucet then attaches via "Quick Connects" to the hose nipples that are on the bracket, by means of set screws located on tthe bottom of the faucet.  



CRJ900 Conversion Bracket

CRJ900 Atmosphere Conversion Bracket
with EAI Wall Mount Faucet

Next up is our retrofit Bracket for the CRJ900 Atmosphere aircraft. This bracket follows the same basic idea as our Adams Rite retrofit, once installed. Faucet removal for service only takes minutes compared to the hours this currently takes. The water connection is made to the bracket, then the EAI faucet attaches to "Quick Connects" to the water supply nipples that are on the bracket by means of set screws located on the bottom of the faucet.


EAI -2003 Surface Mount Faucet

EAI-2003 Surface Mount Lavatory Faucet

 Last up in the line of EAI Lavatory faucets is the EAI-2003 Surface Mount Faucet. This unit can be used in a pump-activated system like the CRJ200 that uses a micro switch to turn the pump on to start the flow of water. This faucet can also be used in a gravity fed system like the ERJ145 that does not need electric to start water flowing into the lavatory and simply relies on gravity to do so. Pressing the "PUSH" button starts the flow of water and it stops once the button is no longer pressed. Like the EAI wall mount faucets, the EAI Surface Mount is "Made in USA - Erie, PA".


Water Faucet Repairs



Adams Rite Faucet

Adams Rite (formerly Franke Aquarotter) Faucet

 EAI offers several items for the repair of Adams Rite (formerly Franke Aquarotter) Faucets. We have a DER RPS faucet repair that proudly uses "Made in the USA" parts that will save time and money, using our fixed-rate pricing for parts and labor. When you send your unit in for the initial repair, we replace the Push Cap, Element, Nozzle, and O-rings in our basic kit.
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EAI - 2001

We use our PMA-approved Element (EAI-2001) in our Franke faucet repairs, and we also proudly offer this "Made in USA - Erie, PA" element for sale. The EAI faucet element will replace Franke PN's 2980192100110 and 298003210010.
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EAI Galley Faucet

EAI Galley Faucet

The newest addition to the faucet line offered by Erie Aviation, Inc. will be a Galley Faucet. We currently offer a DER RPS of Safran galley faucet PN: 242057-5 that will allow unit repair and will no longer need to be an expendable. We will release more information on this page when it is available, so please check back for updates.


Erie Aviation, Inc. supplies replacement faucets and all required repair parts, as well as performing necessary repairs.

If you need information about any of our product categories or services, please give us a call at 1-814-838-8934 or send us an email at  We'll be happy to help!  


EAI Manufactured Products

"Proudly Made in the USA - Erie, PA"
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LED Lighting 

LED Bulbs



Adams Rite Faucet Element

Faucet Element

Cockpit Roller Shade

Pilot Cockpit Roller Shade for Airbus  

First Aid

First Aid Kit



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