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Innovint Aircraft Interiors  has a long history of producing cabin interior products for both VIP and commercial aircraft with design, engineering, testing, certification and production under one roof.

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Aircraft Folding Table

Innovint Aircraft Folding Table

Aircraft folding tables are additional work surfaces for the cabin crew that can easily be stowed out of the way when not needed. There are two types: a wall-mounted table used in the galley or entrance area made of honeycomb with a stainless steel surface; the second is a folding table mounted next to a cabin attendant's seat that provides a work surface on the side and in front of the seat. There is also a tray table that mounts on a bulkhead for passenger's use in front of the first row of seats. All are available in standard and customized versions.



Literature Holders

Aircraft Literature Pockets,
Holders & Racks

Innovint is the standard supplier to Airbus of these wall-mounted holders for anything from magazines to timetables and crew checklists.  Depending on use, they are made of nappa leather, honeycomb sandwich panels, polycarbonate, etc. There are even cosmetics and flower holders for use in the lavatories.



Aircraft Service Cart

Aircraft Service Cart

Dry Galleys, Trolley Racks & Service Carts - These units are typically built to accommodate service changes in the galley areas.  For instance, where more storage space is required, Innovint's elegant fold-up service cart is especially well-suited for the First Class cabin or VIP interiors.  


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EAI Manufactured Products

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LED Lighting 

LED Bulbs



Adams Rite Faucet Element

Faucet Element

Cockpit Roller Shade

Pilot Cockpit Roller Shade for Airbus  

First Aid

First Aid Kit



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