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Is your airline offering full access to the aircraft's facilities to all passengers?  Without an on-board wheelchair, the answer is probably "no!"  That is the one tool that will help a passenger with mobility problems move from his or her seat to the lavatory or other facilities - something most of us would consider a necessity on any flight and especially on the long ones.  

The leading supplier of on-board wheelchairs is Innovint Aircraft Interior, and for a very good reason . . . they make the best product.

  • Strong, sturdy and very durable
  • Lightweight
  • It rolls easily and fits in narrow aisles
  • It folds or unfolds with one hand and is stored behind a seat row - Innovint also offers stowage, if needed.
  • Fully equipped in its standard version, but options can be added for your airlines' operation.
  • It already looks good, but it can be color-coordinated with your interiors.  Your logo can also be added to the frame and the back.
  • Approved by Airbus and is the recommended standard in their Cabin Configuration Guide (CFG).
  • Meets Boeing D6-55441 requirements.
  • Meets SAE ARP 4120, the standard used in North America.
  • Approved by the German Aviation Authority (LBA) under TS 40.400/1TS 

The on-board wheelchair stays with an aircraft, but it can also be used to bring a passenger through the jet way to the aircraft or back to the terminal. 

We would be very pleased to help you with the specs for the chair and any stowages.

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